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Hereford County Hospital - ward

Hereford County Hospital - ward

We consult as well as construct. Adopting modern methods of construction (MMC) we bring together development, design, construction and funding expertise to fast-track healthcare buildings.

We continue to see an ever increasing demand for our consultancy services. Our contractor led pre-construction consultancy service is supporting the NHS estates and procurement teams in achieving their healthcare building requirements. Following the RIBA plan of work from stage 1-4, we work to define the brief through to technical design advising of cost, programme and risk along this journey supporting OBC and FBC approval.

Acting as project lead we are supported by our architectural, structural and M&E partners to provide you with a single source of contact allowing your project to reach reality. On conclusion of the stage 4 design our clients often choose to continue to the construction phase where the project can be benchmarked against comparable projects.

Our construction solutions consistently challenge conventional construction techniques. Almost all of our buildings are constructed incorporating MMC where they are constructed utilising either volumetric or light gauge steel. Utilising off-site construction allows us to ensure we complete our healthcare construction projects in often half the time of a traditional construction method. The significant reductions in programme are achieved via parallel project activities where sub-structure, super structure and MEP are assembled at the same time either on site or in our factory environments.

Luton & Dunstable University Hospital - twin theatres

Luton & Dunstable University Hospital - twin theatres

Not only do our off-site projects achieve faster construction periods but we also significantly reduce the disruption to existing hospital operational estates. Both vehicle and people movements are significantly reduced with as much as 80% of the building being constructed off-site. This is particularly suited to busy hospital estates where people and vehicles must be kept to a minimum, reducing the pressures in infrastructure.

As we construct and complete projects more quickly, healthcare Trusts can begin using them earlier and they receive revenue for the services they are able to offer much earlier, so enjoy a quicker return on investment.

While the cost of offsite is comparable to traditional builds, this earlier occupation is what makes the approach increasingly attractive to healthcare operators.

Our buildings are provided in all shapes and sizes and we often work with architects to ensure pre-conceived layouts are maintained. We must also stress that our buildings are always fully compliant, with buildings often designed with a design life of up to sixty years. Our projects often include solid concrete floors and enhanced external architectural cladding to match the existing estate.

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We continue to see a huge uptake in our services which in part will be a response to the governments drive to favour Modern Methods of Construction. MMC will be certainly the future of construction and the future is bright for off-site.

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