Rada and B-Safety join forces to launch new product


Range offers complete emergency shower solution

Emergency equipment will hopefully find infrequent use, but when the worst happens you need to know it will work first time, every time.

Emergency eyewash and shower facilities can make the difference between a minor and a life-changing injury.

Rada has now partnered with B-Safety to provide a complete emergency shower product and service solution.

Eoin McQuone, business director at Rada, said: “When specifying emergency eyewash and shower products, reliability is crucial.

“Employers and employees need the confidence to know that when the worst happens, they can be relied upon – there is no margin for error.

“As well as specifying the right product, this also means maintaining it.

“That’s why we’ve collaborated with B-Safety, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of specialist emergency showers and eyewashes, to combine a reliable and durable range that exceeds safety standards, with Rada’s bespoke service and maintenance packages.

“We’re the only UK manufacturer of commercial showering and washroom controls that offers this service.”

The B-Safety range provides leading eye and safety showers that minimise the effects of accidental chemical exposure. Together with Rada’s own specialist range of commercial taps, showers and washroom systems, the partnership means Rada is the one-stop shop for your emergency shower needs.

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Rada’s service and maintenance packages are tailored to suit a range of requirements and budgets. These include a full service package that ensures the ongoing function, performance, reliability and safe operation of its products to advice and ad-hoc site visits on a pay-per-visit basis. This flexible and bespoke approach is coupled with the level of service that comes from the global experts in shower and washroom controls.