Rada improves bug control measures


Rada is stepping up measures to ensure all of its TMV3 products destined for healthcare applications are free of bacteria at the point of installation. The measures will include the application of Freebac, a leading anti-microbial agent, to products; the strengthening of controls and testing during manufacture; and a continued move towards the use of totally inert materials in the construction of all products. The move is in response to concerns in the sector that thermostatic mixing valves and electronic taps may, through design, irregularity of use or materials of construction, contribute to the proliferation of a multitude of commonly-found waterborne bacteria. Though harmless to healthy people, many of these can sometimes prove fatal to immuno-compromised patients, such as those in intensive care situations. Roy Minett, company spokesman, said: "As a manufacturer that works very closely with the healthcare sector, we felt the need to put a marker in the sand and demonstrate that we have taken effective precautions to minimise the possibility of any bacterial contamination entering one of our products either during the manufacturing process or between leaving our factory and being installed."